Reimagining Board Service: A Practical Blueprint for Building a High Impact Board


Imagine if all nonprofit boards had big, bold dreams. Imagine if those bold dreams were supported by thoughtful and detailed plans that were brilliantly delivered. Imagine if those organizations possessed a burning desire to serve the community and create the greatest impact possible. While most boards are well-intentioned, almost none are guided by a framework designed to make this happen consistently over time. And because we couldn’t identify a simple, evidence-based framework for taking nonprofit board performance to the next level, we decided to create our own. This book is the culmination of that journey — and more than two decades of experience working alongside hundreds of charities and their boards and leadership teams.

We used the results of more than 400 charity self-assessments to identify common themes — including organizational practice and performance trends — and conducted interviews with board chairs, CEOs, board members, consultants, and other subject matter experts. To fill in any gaps, we broadened our scope and drew from a variety of other fields, including for-profit businesses, think tanks, and thought leaders.

We then pilot-tested the HIB system with more than 100 board chairs, CEOs, and board members. Participant feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive, was incorporated to make this book as practical as possible.