Right Roles, Right Results

The idea of a Swiss-Army-knife team member is appealing, but searching for one is a fool’s errand. To truly maximize fundraising results, consider dividing fundraising responsibilities between external work and internal work. By designating roles to better suit individual talents, you are ensuring that you attain the best possible results – without overexerting your team.

Start here with an assessment of your fundraising team strength.

We refer to the internal work as “the science”. This is the work that drives fundraising traction from behind the scenes. In this case, the work often goes unseen, but the final product is shown to the public. This could involve social media, marketing, or event planning.

The external work, or “the art”, involves the people-facing actions intended to cultivate and strengthen donor relationships. This is the strategic task of connecting a donor’s desire to give with your organization’s mission.

Understanding the distinguishing factors between internal and external work will help you place individuals in roles where they can excel and lead your mission to succeed. 

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