Engaging Digital Events Key Insights | Part 1 of 2

As you start any journey, in addition to your map, you need your bearings. Here are the first four of seven key insights that will clarify where you are and where you are headed for your event’s creation (or re-creation).

1. Think Digital First

It is not always practical to take an event intended to be in-person and simply record or broadcast it. The three most significant changes when transitioning from an in-person event include the following:

  • It will be shorter – Aim for your event to be 30 minutes altogether, and to take place during the evening hours.
  • It will have a faster pace – Move your program along more quickly than you would in person.
  • It will require more change – This involves changes in camera view, presenter, video, or graphics every 2-5 minutes.

2. Celebrate the Change

You have an opportunity here. In general, a challenge can be seen as something that either happens to you or for you. By choice or by circumstance, you are now stepping bravely out of your comfort zone. It’s your decision whether it will be a problem or an opportunity. Monitor and adjust your self-talk to transition from “we have to do this” to “we get to try this.”

3. Most of the Work is Before and After the Event

Like in-person events, the bulk of the work takes place before and after the event, not during. Plan out your work, knowing it takes work before and after to connect, cultivate, and celebrate with others.

4. Focus the Viewer’s Experience

In every step of your planning, think of one person you know will be watching, and put yourself in their shoes. Consider what they will perceive during the digital event.

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