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Digital disruption analyst James McQuivey says that “If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video has to be worth at least 1.8 million.” It provides engagement with your supporters that no other medium can.

Additionally, video conferencing software Zoom has become so popular in recent months that its brand name has become a substitute for video conferencing itself. “Let’s do a Zoom call” is used in the same way Kleenex is used to refer to facial tissue and TiVo is used to describe recording a television program.

To assist you in creating video content that engages your team and supporters in a way that only you can using video, here is suggested four-stage pathway to enhance your video engagement.


The Selection: Setting the stage for a great session

  • Set up a dedicated space that can be used as designated “Zooming” area
  • Select  a non-common area (if at home or in an open office)
  • Try to locate away from road noise
  • Try to locate away from any HVAC noise or loud fans
  • Before important calls, check if you have lawn care or other home maintenance work that is scheduled to prevent unexpected interruptions
  • The more soft surfaces like couches and chairs near you, the better. They absorb sound and reduce reverberations.
  • A window that can be in front of or on the side of your screen/camera will provide the best lighting
  • Choose a background that has a solid wall, bookshelf, or large artwork


The Setup: Getting the right gear to be impactful

Lights to be bright

  • Budget option: Lumcube (Works great if you’re using your laptop camera)
  • Basic option: GVMs
  • Better option: Ikans

Camera to capture

Laptop stand to properly position your camera and microfiber cloth

Sounds to be heard


The Standard: Preparing to really engage on video


  • Dress in solid colors and try to avoid loud patterns so your face is clearly visible
  • Try not to wear a hat or glasses  to reduce unwanted shadows
  • Posture is important (try to avoid slouching) and center yourself in the frame with little space between your head and the top of the camera
  • Silence your phone if possible


  • Do your best to make it feel like you are in the same room
  • If your environment is calm and silent, leave your microphone (if you’re using one) off mute so you can engage in real-time
  • Make plenty of eye contact
  • Smile when appropriate
  • Try to avoid touching your face, drinking, or doing things that may be distracting while engaging in conversation


The Sync: Creating an engaging experience

  • Consider putting a sign on your door that lets others know you are recording to eliminate distractions
  • Give yourself a 2-5 minute window to mentally prepare for the meeting (How can you start?, Is there gratitude to be expressed to those on the call with you?)
  • What is the purpose of the session?
  • Ask where what your energy level is, and consider if you need to calm your mind or get up and move a bit
  • Give yourself an additional 2-5 minute window to technically prepare for the meeting
  • Close all your website tabs (If you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, try using The Great Suspender)
  • Wipe down your camera lens if needed
  • Check your camera positioning and adjust your framing
  • Adjust your light so your face is not washed out and shadows are reduced
  • Arrive early and test your sound and camera

View our recent recorded conversation with Evan Balko, multimedia lead for Dakota Medical Foundation, for additional tips on recording quality video yourself.

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