Mission First

Without money, there’s no mission. Additionally, having a mission is crucial to optimizing your fundraising outcome. Knowing where you want your organization to go will steer you in the right direction through various fundraising decisions. 

See 20 real nonprofit mission and vision examples here

When navigating fundraising strategies, the key is to prioritize the mission. It’s the nonprofit version of keeping your eye on the ball. Avert your attention, and it could cost you the game.

Once you have a mission in place, you can apply the three following steps to approaching fundraising with a “Mission First” lens.  
Step 1. Write
Jot down all of your fundraising-related fears.

Step 2. Work
Work through your list with a mission-focused agenda.

Step 3. Weave
Weave this approach into your fundraising tactics. 
Your mission is what guides you and ultimately provides an endless source of creativity. Keep it at the top of your mind, and the rest will follow. 
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